Cardio Exercises That Will Keep Your Heart Pumping

In cardio exercises, you repeatedly contract certain muscle groups. This causes your heart rate to increase. Getting your heart to pump faster during exercise can have various benefits for your health.   What are the benefits of cardio exercises? Regularly doing cardio exercises can help you: –          Lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and blood […]

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Our Favorite Heart-Healthy Recipes

Think cooking healthy, balanced, low-fat meals is difficult or boring? We beg to differ! Eating healthy can be easier and more delicious than you think. Check out our tips and recipes below to kick-start your healthy lifestyle today!     Simple tips for heart healthy meals: –          Include lots of fruit and vegetables. –          Use […]

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Tips For Keeping Your Heart Healthy

February is National Heart Health month, and with the rates of heart disease on the rise in our country, staying healthy has never been so important. Every one in four deaths in the country can be attributed to heart disease, and 47% of people currently possess risk factors that contribute to heart disease. So, what […]

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Wearable Technology: What’s Good For Keeping Track Of Your Health Goals

Over the past few years, more and more Americans have gotten on board with wearable tech to achieve their fitness goals. These generally come in the form of small, watch-like devices that you can wear on your wrist. But what do they actually do, and can they really improve your health? Take a look at […]

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Tips for Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Think about the last time you made a New Year’s resolution. Then think back to the end of that year. How did it go? Chances are, like most people in a study performed at the University of Hertfordshire, you probably didn’t do too well. This study found that 88% of its 3,000 people did not […]

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